Jean-Georges and His Wife Are Hosting a Show About Korean Food


Yesterday, OC Weekly reported that Heather Graham and Marja Vongerichten — wife of Jean-Georges Vongerichten — would be teaming up to host a show about food in Korea called The Kimchi Chronicles. And now Diner’s Journal has a five-minute clip, which is notably devoid of Heather Graham! It’s from the same people who did that show where Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow went to Spain with Mark Bittman and the hot Spanish girl whose name we can never remember. And this looks similar to that! (But let’s hope it’s not too similar, because that show about Spain was so boring we could never bring ourselves to watch it.) Anyway, this show’s going to be on PBS next year and, from the preview, it appears Jean-Georges is just a supporting character. It looks like his wife is going to be the one actually running the show. Just like real marriage! Am I right, fellas? [Diner’s Journal/NYT, OC Weekly via Eater LA]