How to Cook with Geraniums; Hyper Kids Have Caffeine to Blame

• Ever wanted to know how to cook with geraniums? Well, if you believe John des Rosiers, it apparently goes really well with cod. [Chicago Reader]

• If you encounter lots of hyper children during your holiday travel, know that 75 percent of them are jacked up on caffeine. [NYDN]

• Anyone for some “Chindian” or “Chinjabi”? Chinese food in India is so popular that a hybrid cuisine has cropped up. [China RealTime/WSJ]

• The Senate has passed the food-safety bill, again. There was an issue with some stipulations in the previous one. [NYT]

• Better warn Fido: Kroger grocery company is recalling pet food in 19 states. [Edition/CNN]

• Just in time for holiday leftovers, here’s some advice about how long you can keep food around. [ABC Action News]

• Eggs are great for hangovers and, according to this, the Camellia Grill in New Orleans has the ultimate body-righter: an omelet with chili, cheese, and bacon. If you have a sazerac binge planned, a recipe is included. [WSJ]