Gussied-Up Crab Rangoons Could Become a Thing … and We Could Not Be Happier About It

They manage to taste like both the Midwest and the sea.
They manage to taste like both the Midwest and the sea. Photo: Benjwong/Wikimedia

Full disclosure: Lani Kai is only a few blocks from the Grub Street offices, and we’ve often suggested it as a place to get drinks not because it is so close and the drinks are good (though both things are true), but because of their Crab Wontons: fried wonton wrappers stuffed with mascarpone and crab meat. We can’t get enough of ‘em! Thing is, where we come from (the Midwest), they’re called Crab Rangoons, not Crab Wontons. And the filling is Philadelphia cream cheese, not mascarpone. But whatever. So imagine the joy we felt when Fatty Crab’s Christmas Day menu — the Fatty Crew is turning both the Village and UWS Crab locations into “traditional” Chinese restaurants called No. 1 Crab for the day — showed up in our in-box and we saw Crab Rangoons listed on it. Keep reading to see the rest of the Fatty Christmas menu, but more important, leave a comment and tell us where else we can find more fancy Crab Rangoons. Seriously.

Available Christmas Day from 12pm - Midnight

Crab Rangoon | Salvatore ricotta, cured lemon, orange sauce
Pork Spare Ribs
Egg Roll | duck sauce
Wonton Soup | pork & shrimp wontons, salted ham, scallion
Pork or Veggie Lo Mein | egg noodle, char siew, cabbage, shiitake
Pork or Veggie Fried Rice | char siew, peas, bean sprout, egg, soy
Sweet & Sour Pork | crispy pork shoulder, sweet & sour sauce
General Tso’s Chicken | crispy white & dark meat, dried chili
Salt & Pepper Shrimp | jumbo shrimp, chili sauce

Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli | oyster sauce
White Rice
Fortune Cookie
Orange Wedges | citrus crack