First Look at Bell Book & Candle, Opening Next Week

Crispy fried oysters with green-chile-buttermilk dressing.

Next week, a.k.a. the cusp of winter, may not seem like the optimal time to unveil a “rooftop-to-table” restaurant. That hasn’t stopped the folks at Bell Book & Candle, who use 60 aeroponic towers that look a little like giant Chia Pets, located six flights above the basement kitchen, to keep chef John Mooney supplied with super-local produce nearly year-round. (Even the cukes for pickles on the patty melt came from the roof via a bucket-and-pulley system.) Named for the 1958 James Stewart–Kim Novak film, the spot specializes in upscale comfort-food fare like onion soup with Knockanore Irish Cheddar and fish and chips, reflecting Mooney’s recent gig in Dublin. Check out a shot of the rooftop "garden" after the jump.

bell book candle garden

Danny Kim/New York Magazine

141 W. 10th St., nr. Waverly Pl.; 212-414-2355