Four Seasons Whips Itself Into a Name-dropping Frenzy

Julian Niccolini, Martha Stewart, and Alex von Bidder.
Julian Niccolini, Martha Stewart, and Alex von Bidder. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Following in the footsteps of the Waverly Inn blog and more recently Michael’s, which took to tweeting about its celebrity diners last year, Julian Niccolini of The Four Seasons is now penning a column for the Observer that exists soley for the purpose of name-dropping. Doesn’t he have someone over at “Page Six” to do that for him? Oh, maybe not.

A couple of weeks ago, Niccolini’s first installment bragged about a $14,000 lunch tab, and name-checked Republican diners like Scooter Libby and Lally Weymouth: “I’m noticing more tables for two in the Grill Room (which usually means a deal is under discussion) and bigger bottles of wine. Perfecto!” The next installment carped about Wall Street big-ups: “James Lee, from JPMorgan, a lead underwriter of the massive General Motors IPO, was in the house, shaking hands over his role in the largest IPO in history. Can you imagine?” And this week’s blurb brags about “a certain Middle Eastern prince” who ordered three plates of white-truffle risotto and met Mark Wahlberg (in case you thought the average age of The Four Seasons diner really was 91). Tune in next week when Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby trade prison stories by the pool!