Former Google Cafeteria Chefs Find Catering Success Among S.F. Startups

Photo: Erin Kunkel/WSJ

As you may have heard, Google is a dream company where everyone gets raises all the time, their feet get massaged while they work, and lunch is always of gourmet caliber. Chefs Nate Keller and Mirit Cohen left the employ of Google two years ago, after winning a ton of fans within the company for the magic they made in the cafeteria, and they went on to start their own catering business, Gastronaut. Now the Journal writes up a nice piece about their growing success, which includes regular corporate clients like Twitter and Yelp. And guess what? They tweet their menus every day, and people on Yelp love them.

Ex-Google Chefs Cook Up a Start-Up of Their Own [WSJ]