Food Writer Becomes Foodiot, Just to See What It’s Like

Photo: istockphoto

Tasting Table editor and Food & Wine contributor Nick Fauchald is the latest to marvel about the types who have to tell you about everything they eat, but rather than taking the “shut up, foodies” approach, he actually joins Foodspotting and Twitter to see what it’s like to document his every last Swedish Fish. The self-confessed “food amnesiac” says it was fun enough, and it even changed his eating habits (“I found myself styling food in restaurants and abstaining from second helpings at dinner parties, lest someone re-Tweet my gluttonous ways”). It also helped him discover dietary quirks (“I apparently enjoy cookies — a lot”), but it didn’t make his meals much more memorable, and he won’t be sticking with it. Unless we ask him to do a New York Diet someday?

A Digerati’s Food Journal [Food & Wine]