Experts in Circuses, Judaism Sought for Beer Sales Job

Photo: Courtesy of Schmaltz Brewing Co.

Shmaltz Brewing, you’ve been clogging Grub Street’s in-box with spam for years (at least they haven’t discovered the comments … yet), but the job listing you sent yesterday is by far the strangest e-mail we’ve gotten from you. In fact, any e-mail containing the phrase “familiarity with Jewish and/ or Sideshow communities is also helpful” is gonna catch our eye. WTF, Shmaltz! We can appreciate that you have yourselves in a strange little self-selected niche: Your website divvies up your areas of expertise neatly, with the choose-your-own-adventure setup of “Click here for the Chosen beers” and “Click here for the Freak beers,” complete with distinct graphics. We hope you find the perfect salesperson for the New York area, one who can boozily proclaim the charms of both HE’BREW and Coney Island Craft Lagers. But a job listing requiring one who can “spread the craft beer gospel … while juggling the many duties of an intense sales position,” in addition to that specified knowledge? Let’s just say that we’re mighty curious to hear who you land.

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