Ed’s Lobster Bar Offering $50 Truffle Lobster Roll Today, Looking to Expand to Soho

Isn't she a beaut?
Isn’t she a beaut? Photo: Edslobsterbar/Twitter

Last week, Ed’s Lobster Bar tweeted a photo of its white-truffle lobster roll, and we haven’t been able to stop drooling at the thought. A call to owner Ed McFarland reveals our timing is good: The restaurant is offering the roll again this evening starting at 5 p.m., possibly for the last time this truffle season (though it might return one more time tomorrow night). The $50 roll is “the exact same as the regular [$27] lobster roll,” with the addition of three grams of white Alba truffles. “A little on the bottom, a little on top,” McFarland tells us.

It turns out McFarland is on an Italian kick, having recently been in Italy “doing some seafood research.” Might this mean he’s thinking of opening a new spot? “It’s definitely crossed my mind,” the chef-owner revealed, mentioning that he’s been looking in the Soho area. He’s interested in a place “much bigger than Ed’s Lobster Bar, something close to 100 seats.” And as the trip suggests, he might go the Italian-seafood direction. After all, we hear that’s popular these days.