Del Posto Touts New Cocktail Menu

Photo: Bloomberg

When Bloombergs Ryan Sutton slammed Del Posto he at least admitted that it had one of the citys best mixology programs, and closed his review with an underhanded compliment: Thats why Im willing to pay the $34 price tag. Its the best Vesper out there. The rest of Del Posto needs work. Now the restaurant is touting its bar program. Have a look at the cocktail menu it recently installed (its been in the works for the past few weeks and officially goes into effect this week). Most drinks are priced from $16 to $28, but hey, at least the Bellini is a little bit cheaper than at Cipriani, and a rep assures us that Del Posto uses the highest quality ingredients and barware, and several of their bartenders have been trained at Michelin-starred hotel bars and restaurants throughout Europe.

Del Posto Cocktail Menu [PDF]