More Rumored Reinvention Turning Fraiche Santa Monica Stale


After Anisette announced its closure, it made more sense why Riva and later, Fraiche, had such a hard time duplicating Jason Travi’s success. Maybe Third Street Promenade and its immediate surroundings, with some notable exceptions, just aren’t fit for anyone with an appreciation for food that doesn’t come in crappy wrap or burrito form. After all, wouldn’t ten more Ma’Kais fare better than one Riva in the end? And on that note, Eater braces us for the possible takeover of Fraiche from SBE don dada Sam Nazarian, who can pack in a crowd, even if it’s typically the kind that makes us want to stay home. What does it matter, anyway, when both Travi and Thierry Perez have moved on? They might as well scrap the name and start over. We’ll be eating with Ben Bailly in Culver City.

Sam Nazarian/SBE In Talks To Take Over Fraiche in SM [Eater]