Christopher Lee Planning Meat Truck in New York, Restaurants Pretty Much Everywhere Else

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Now that his tenure at Aureole has come to an end, what’s chef Christopher Lee going to do? Well, funny you should ask. He tells Zagat that his next move (after a trip down to his Miami restaurant, Eden) will be a lunch truck in Manhattan that he hopes to get running by the spring. “It’s going to be pulled meats, all kinds of meat,” he says. “Everyone loves a hot meat sandwich.” Oh, but that’s not all.

He also lets Zagat know he’s opening a gastropub on Long Island, as well as looking to take the Eden concept to “Colorado, Vegas and New York.” He’s also looking at New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., as potential spots for a seafood concept he’s working on. Oh, and did he mention he’s overseeing food for the Orange County Choppers Roadhouse, a bar-restaurant concept based on the bike shop and TV show? Because he is.

No word, though, on whether he’ll be appearing in any more Swanson ads.

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