Chocolate Salami for the Rest of Us; Breast Milk For Sale Online

• Here’s a recipe for Festivus chocolate salami that actually sounds pretty good. Still, chocolate salami? [NYDN]
• In a 21st-century version of wet-nursing, we guess, moms with extra breast milk are now selling it online. [NYDN]

• Sally Jackson Cheese, out of Oroville, Washington, has closed permanently after four people in eight states eight people in four states were sickened from E. coli found its products. [Food Safety News]

• And a bakery outside of Chicago has recalled all of its products after over 100 people became sick from eating them. [Chicago Breaking News]

• “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien, known for her diet versions of popular foods, has landed a TV-show deal with the Cooking Channel. [NYDN]