Chinatown Cake Club ‘Hibernating,’ Releases Cookbook

Photo: Courtesy Heraklia Press

Around this time last year, we alerted you to the Chinatown Cake Club, an underground bakery run by former Macao Trading Co. pastry chef Victoria Howe in her minuscule C-town walk-up. Now, months after the mailing list went dark, Howe e-mails to officially say that she’s disbanded the club, for now : ” … my apartment got really hot, summer ended, I gave up my lease, and moved to an isolated boating community where my kitchen consists of a hot plate and a percolator,” she writes.

However, fans of Howe’s elaborate confections (see a sample past menu here) needn’t fret. Though the club is currently “hibernating,” you can order a copy of the ‘zine-style cookbook, Chinatown Cake Club: A Secret Bakery’s Recipebook for Cakes & Other Confections, for $12 through Heraklia Press. With these recipes on the loose, we’re taking bets about which hood will launch a cake club next.