Chick-fil-A for Everyone!

Photo: Melissa Hom

When we started reading this Fork in the Road post from Robert Sietsema, about the Chick-fil-A located in the NYU dorm, our first thought was, How’d he sneak in to try the sandwich? Sure, we’d heard stories of non-students getting in for a sandwich on the sly, but we’ve seen Robert and are pretty sure there’s no way he’s passing for a student who just happened to leave his I.D. card back in his dorm room. But then we read this line, which totally blew our minds: “Whether you’re a student or not you’ll be allowed inside the food court, though nothing makes that obvious from the street.” Are we the only ones who didn’t know this? Perhaps, but apparently it might not even matter: Sietsema says the chicken sandwiches at NYC’s lone Chick-fil-A are sub-par. [Fork in the Road/VV]