Chefs Aren’t Really Fans of Culinary School

But these guys love culinary school!
But these guys love culinary school! Photo: Courtesy French Culinary Institute

It’s boom times over at the French Culinary Institute, but the very concept of culinary school has its detractors. Most notable is Boston’s Tony Maws, who’s tweeted his disdain before. Today, though, he links to the blog of Peels pastry chef Shuna Fish Lydon, who really isn’t a fan:

I don’t hate culinary school or graduates of culinary students as a rule. I despise the privilege. I despise the cooks waiting for a formal invitation to learn, to grow, to challenge themselves, to do for their fellow cooks and chefs something outside their own eyesight.

Culinary school changes the playing field. for all cooks. [Eggbeater via Tmaws/Twitter]