Cape Cod Meat Comes to Market; Boozing at Home Will Reduce Your Restaurant Tab


• Cape Cod-grown meat is now available at local markets; it never was before. Juicy. [Herald]

• Crippled by the recession, but still want to dine out with friends? Drink at home first, try weekday prix-fixe menus, use Groupons, or, heck, just hit up a buffet! [Globe]

• Turns out we Yanks aren’t the only fatties: a report shows that half of all Europeans are now overweight. [BBC]

• Hut, two, no Coke for you. The Army is cleaning up the diet of soldiers in Fort Huachuca, in Arizona, eliminating access to sodas and sugary cereals, as well as fatty meats. [CNBC]

Sesame Street, too, is trying to encourage healthy eating habits; the show has introduced broccoli, banana, low-fat-cheese, and whole-wheat-bun muppets. Okay, Mr. Broccoli is cute, but really, guys, a whole-wheat bun? [

• Gee, this is uplifting: Scientists at the climate change talks in Cancun warned that if leaders don’t better negotiate food-security policies, the earth may run out of food by 2050. [NewsFeed/Time]

• Restaurant gift cards are predicted to outsell other gift cards with online holiday shoppers. Unfortunately, we’re guessing it’s all crappy places like Chili’s and not anywhere we’d actually want to eat. [NRN]