Camino Gets a New Pastry Chef

Photo: NYT

Across the Bay at Camino, chef Russell Moore has been doing all his own desserts ever since January and hasn’t always loved the job. “I like to tinker with things,” he says. “Measuring, creaming the butter and sugar… what is that?” Recently he and wife-partner Allison decided to go out in search of a full-time pastry chef. “It was hard to find the right person who both had great attention to detail and still the looseness of style to go with our rustic food.” But now, he says, they’ve found their “dream pastry chef”: Rikki Garcia, formerly of The Village Pub, the Lark Creek Inn, and Brick. “Our savory food’s growing a lot, and the pastries really haven’t, but now I think they’re going to,” Moore tells us. “Rikki’s willing to try stuff and she’s good enough to know if something sucks and won’t serve it.” Look for some experiments to start happening, with desserts made using the open fire, etc. [Grub Street]