Black Cat Bakery Pounces on Old Mani’s Space

Photo: Black Cat Bakery via Facebook

There’s been a boom of new bakeries these days, and today we see signage up indicating that the latest, Black Cat Bakery, is clawing its way into the Fairfax space where Mani’s stood for all those years. Under the culinary direction of Nick Coe and management of Nile Park, Black Cat asserts that it will be both a bakery with breakfast, coffee, and pastries and a cafe with lunch and artisan breads, in fact it says it’s the only store outside of Downtown carrying goods from Homeboy industries. A website is forthcoming and an opening is planned in the next few weeks. Until then, find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Black Cat Bakery, 519 S. Fairfax Ave. Mid-City. 323-932-1500