Bankrupt A&P to Maintain Food Emporiums; Tofutti ‘Ice Cream’ Cones Recalled

• Though bankrupt, A&P; plans to keep its New York Food Emporium stores open. In other news, all of uptown Manhattan just breathed a collective sigh of relief. [Crain’s]

• Yet another reason not to eat this stuff: Certain Tofutti tofu “ice cream” cones have been recalled. [Reuters]

• And now comes word from Nation’s Restaurant News that business-to-business publisher Penton has acquired … Nation’s Restaurant News. [NRN]

• This week, McDonald’s will roll out maple-flavored oatmeal with toppings like apples, raisins, and cranberries. Also, the L.A. Times declares an “oatmeal craze”; how did we miss this? [LAT]

• That child-nutrition bill we’ve been posting about practically daily? As expected, Obama signed it. [WP]