Aziz Ansari, Mexican Food Fan (and Debater)


We’ve seen Parks & Recreation funnyman Aziz Ansari at some of the biggest restaurant openings (Bouchon), and caught glimpses of him at places like Animal. But like any self-proclaimed foodie in this town, he’s as big a fan of hole-in-the-wall joints and as he is of the chef-driven spots. In the January issue of Esquire, not only does he wax poetic about the off-menu mulitas at Taco Zone, but he gets into a spirited debate about them (and corn vs. flour tortillas) with the reporter. Whatever you do, don’t tell Ansari it’s a quesadilla: “I’ve never explained mulitas to anyone and then they got mad at me. Everyone else just says, ‘Oh, that sounds delicious. I’ll try one!’” They do sound delicious … and really are kind of like quesadillas (sorry, Aziz). [Esquire]