At Roberta’s This Sunday, It’s All About Keg Stands and Tricycles


When Roberta’s announced this Sunday’s beerfest, we were instantly sold (Roberta’s + Beerfest = YES), but the flyer didn’t really say what the “competition” entailed. Now, thanks to an explanation from the restaurant, we know that staffers from Uva, Union Pool, and Roberta’s will go head-to-head in “a Nerds-style beer-drinking event that will include organized rounds of beer pong, flip-cup, keg stands, and a final-round tricycle relay. The games begin at 1:30 p.m. and go until the evening, and the event is free for spectators. There will be DJs, awesome beers on tap, a whole pig roast — and a pork sandwich special — and football showing in the beer tent.” Epic. And here you thought your office’s holiday party was a mess.