Co-Workers and Customers Rally Around UES Café Employee Killed by Truck

Photo: Eli Zabar Online

Well, here’s a sad story: Early Tuesday morning, Jason King, a 21-year-old counter person at E.A.T. restaurant, was headed to work when a truck outside the restaurant backed into and killed him. (The Daily News reports that King may have been listening to his iPod and was unable to hear the truck.) We spoke with the restaurant’s manager, Fouad Salloum, who told us that everyone at the Upper East Side restaurant, which counts Nora Ephron and Eliot Spitzer among its regulars, is doing their best to be supportive. There’s a wake for King this afternoon, which most of E.A.T.’s employees will be attending. And E.A.T.’s owner, Eli Zabar, says he’s planning on covering the cost of tomorrow’s funeral. “This is the first time anything like this has ever happened [at the restaurant],” he told us. “Everybody’s been donating money — employees, customers.” If you’d like to help, Salloum told us you should ask for him at the restaurant.