Amid The Disarray of L.A.’s Burger World, GQ Crowns Umami’s Adam Fleischman

Photo: Yogma via Flickr

GQ’s Adam Richman loves Umami Burger so much that he’s added a “Burger of the Year” nod to the magazine’s year-end wrap-up of best restaurants, meals, and chefs. Of the empire’s owner, Adam Fleischman, Richman writes, “His face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the burger world.” It’s even more striking considering the scribe says he doesn’t really believe in the so-called “fifth taste.” Great choice, guy. However, Richman also claims, “Elsewhere in L.A., the burger world is in disarray…”

Sounds like someone hasn’t been keeping up with A Hamburger Today’s Damon Gambuto much and has had to fall back on the usual East Coast tunnel-vision when summing up our city. Someone get this man to Golden State or Comme Ca stat, then remind him Umami has been open since early 2009.

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