Alexandria Hotel Further Rehabs Its Image With Coronado’s, Now Open in Downtown

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels via Eater

Forget Seventh Street, is there any surer sign of Downtown’s renaissance than what’s happened to The Alexandria Hotel? A few years ago, we were too busy guarding our drinks from wayward winos and unwelcome drugs at Charlie O’s to ever believe this cracky residence could become a hot spot. Then Garrett Morris showed up, making way for Point Break Live!, and then suddenly, the turning point, Ilan Hall took over and installed The Gorbals. Soon, Charlie O’s transformed into The Down And Out, which has a tongue-in-cheek appreciation of its heritage. And what’s the latest to hit the storied hotel?

Following the recent news that Two Bits Market, an organic food store, had enlisted the help of one Fast Eddie and looks poised to open soon next door, Eater reports that Coronado’s Fresh Mexican Kitchen has moved its tamale and taco operation from San Gabriel and opened up here at the Alexandria. A simple, light-colored diner space with lots of charm is churning out cheap Mexican eats under chef-owner Gilbert Coronado, with more ambitious menu plans for the week to come. Wow, rehab really does have some astonishing results, eh?

From SGV to Downtown, Coronado’s Opens in the Alexandria [Eater]