Alan Richman Picks His Top Dishes of the Year (and Guess What? Something From Lincoln’s on There)

Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

We’ve already talked about Alan Richman’s picks for the top new restaurants in the land (Recap: Lincoln? Really?), but now GQ has posted his choices for the best dishes of the year. His top choice: the pig’s foot at the Breslin. Okay, fine. He also picks Texas mackerel that was smoked in hay, the raw scallops at ABC Kitchen, and venison chile relleno from District in L.A. But what grabbed us was his fifth choice.

It’s a tie between the uni pasta dishes at Lincoln and Adour Alain Ducasse: “Lincoln’s classic Italian-style dish coats every strand of rigati pasta with a light, briny essence of uni,” he writes. “Adour’s decadent French-style presentation consists of a mound of tagliatelle rising like Mont-St-Michel from a coral sea of fennel, garlic, and uni-emulsion foam.” But we wonder: Why no love for Marea’s version? Too old to qualify? Oh, well, it looks like he did put Michael White’s octopus-and-marrow fusilli on last year’s list.

Alan Richman’s Five Best Dishes of the Year [GQ]
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