Stomach Bugs on the Rise in Boston; Clam Fishing Makes A Comeback


• Looking for a way out of a dull holiday shindig? Get sick! Gastrointestinal illnesses caused by norovirus are on the rise in Massachusetts. [Globe]

• Clam fishing areas off New England that have been closed for more than 20 years will reopen as part of a new pilot program. New Bedford’s Sea Watch International will fish the areas beginning in January. [Globe]

• Santa’s not the only one monitoring good and bad behavior: According to the New York Post, your regular-haunt restaurant is likely “spying,” i.e., keeping a few notes, on you. [NYP]

• The revised food-safety bill has passed in the Senate and the House, and now it’s on its way to President Obama. [WP]

• Enjoy your cheap eats while you can, because global food prices are likely to go up. [Bloomberg]

• If you fancy some morning food porn, here’s a slideshow of dishes recommended by Asian food bloggers from Hanoi to Jakarta. [SceneAsia/WSJ]