Berkli Parc, the Latest Restaurant at Allen and Delancey Streets, Will Open Monday


Between Mary Queen of Scots, Cocoron, Fisk Shop, and the newly revived Fried Dumpling(s), the corner of Allen and Delancey Streets, on the Lower East Side, has seen a lot of action over the past few months. The intersection’s newest neighbor is Berkli Parc, and this morning we received word that, after minor delays, the restaurant will open Monday. The restaurant’s owner told us both the look and the cuisine are California-leaning, as the name might suggest, and we spied a wood-outfitted interior with a long communal table. Stay tuned for more photos as well as the menu, which will focus on entrée-size soups, salads, and freshly baked bread.

Berkli Parc, 61 Delancey St., at Allen St.