Which Venice Kitchen Might Be Responsible For The Mad Chef?

Photo: Bret via Yo! Venice!

This past Saturday night, some nut armed with kitchen supplies cooked up a little auto-vandalism in Venice. Among the damages, one car was found doused with flour, cereal, and oatmeal (got milk, you vandals?) and another vehicle was completely encased in plastic wrap, which is actually pretty funny. Yo! Venice is calling the perpetrator “The Mad Chef,” though clearly the miscreant, or more likely miscreants, lacks inspiration, technique, and vision, as well as decent ingredients, to earn that qualifier. So, who might be to blame here?

We’d love to put this on some yuppie in huge sunglasses that exploded in rage after waiting too long for a brunch table at Gjelina or just another food truck operator who enjoys “trashing” the seaside city. However, since the incidents occurred around 28th and Pacific, and not Abbot-Kinney, it’s more likely some frustrated soul who faced rejection-by-cougar at James Beach, was oversold on the burger at Hinano, or basically any one of the regular drinkers at rowdy Venice Whaler. Let us know which Venice kitchen you would hold responsible for whipping up recipes on these local whips in our comments.

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