What It Feels Like to Walk the Animal Rights Gauntlet at Providence

Photo: TangBro1 via Flickr

With apologies, we can’t really help you to taste the foie-filled duck served by Josiah Citrin at Providence’s Bocuse d’Or dinner on Tuesday night. We can, however, show you exactly what it felt like to enter Providence’s Bocuse d’Or dinner amid the loud chanting of animal rights activists, who would prefer you don’t eat the foie-filled duck, Alain Giraud’s foie and truffle soup, or any other foie gras for that matter. Epicuryan was there to film a POV walk through the gauntlet, which is a little intimidating, but appears well worth traversing for Cimarusti’s rouget en écailles. Take a look at the lawful assembly at a protested Providence and let us know in the comments how much cruelty you think you could swallow.