What Grant Achatz Cooked in L.A.


Following a late dinner at Animal the night before, Grant Achatz and his team from Alinea took over the seventh floor of a loft overlooking Downtown Los Angeles last Friday. There, they cooked and served a meal for the elite of L.A.’s bar-tending scene (among them 213 owner Cedd Moses, as well as mixologists like Aidan Demarest, Marcos Tello, and Eric Alperin) in conjunction with Absolut’s Sensory Analysis Workshop. Achatz showed why he’s considered one of the country’s most creative, sense-shocking chefs by trotting out some of Alinea’s greatest hits: pheasant tempura skewered with an oak branch, powdered gin-and-tonic, a truffled white chocolate milkshake, and a dessert that used the entire table as a plate. Take a look at the proceedings in our slideshow.