What Eating Hello Kitty and Her Friends Might Look Like

Nouar’s Hello Kitty Dinner Plate

Last week we wondered what Hello Kitty might taste like (yes, out loud). This week, we see that we’re not alone, as a handful of well-regarded artists have cooked up a few images of Kitty and her cuddly pals cavorting with, and even served as, food. The images were commissioned for Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary carnival called “Small Gift” that opens this Friday afternoon at Santa Monica’s Barkar Hangar. Over 50 artists are involved with creating pieces for L.A.’s event, while a whole different slew of artists will do the same a celebration at Miami’s Art Basel. Check out this slide show of details from some of the food-related Hello Kitty paintings, created by Eric Joyner, Nouar, Brandi Milne, and Misha, that will be included at the ten-day Sanrio jam. Could anyone possibly be offended by a Hello Kitty Last Supper? Eh, probably.