Virtual Cupcakes: The Cupcakes That Don’t Give You a Tummy Ache


In case it wasn’t enough to sit around the office kitchen stuffing your face with them, the Internet has come up with two new ways to kill time with cupcakes. First, Baked by Melissa has launched a website that allows you to use virtual fairy dust to choose your own combinations of stuffing, icing, topping, and cake type. You can either share these mini-monstrosities on Facebook, or you can order them in real life (there’s a minimum order of 300, so think very carefully about how well tie-dye coloring is going to go with custard, peanut butter, and cookie dough). And delving still deeper into virtual reality, Chow introduces us to Cupcake Corner, a FarmVille-type Facebook game where you run a bakery and get “cupcake coins” and “cupcake cash” for mastering recipes.

Create Your Own Cupcake [Baked by Melissa]
Cupcake Corner [Facebook via Chow]