U.N. Declares French, Mexican Cuisines Endangered; Red Wine Can Pair Well With Seafood

• Haute French cuisine and traditional Mexican fare made the U.N.’s recent list of 51 cultural elements in need of “protection amid globalization and urbanization.” [CNN]
• Contrary to common wisdom, red wine can pair well with seafood, especially if you happen to have a 2005 Nebiolo and some lobster with truffle shavings on hand. [On Wine/WSJ]

• The Senate will likely vote this week on a food-safety bill that would give the FDA more leeway with recalls. It would not address meat, however, as that is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture. [WSJ]

• The fancy extra-virgin olive oil in your cupboard might not be your best choice for cooking; taste tests found most flavor gets “obliterated” when the oil is heated. [NYT]

• Target’s expanded food offerings are partly to credit for the retailer’s third-quarter gains. Similarly, while Wal-Mart Canada’s overall sales slipped in the third quarter, its food business grew. [AP, Globe and Mail Canada]

• Officials in California have created a system to help consumers determine how local food really is. [ABC News]

• Fifteen percent of U.S. households had trouble getting enough to eat last year. [WP]