This Is What a $3.99 Lobster Roll Looks Like

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Song 7.2, the Korean pub that brought you the $5 bulgogi burger, has now introduced the $3.99 lobster roll. Well, sort of: A few weeks ago, the restaurant partitioned its former bar area with a glass wall and is subleasing it to a Chinese cook whos selling dumplings on a stick (89 cents to $1.25), in a sandwich ($2.29 to $2.99), and in soup ($2.49 to $3.29). And because Lukes is doing such swift business down the block, theyre also selling a lobster roll for $3.99 and lobster bisque for $5. Extra lobster will cost you $1.50, and youll probably want to go that route as you can see here, the regular roll comes on a small hot-dog bun thats grilled on the flattop, and the paltry amount of lobster meat is drenched in wasabi mayo.

On the off chance this all sounds appealing, youll want to text your delivery order (thats right, text apparently the place is taking cues from the lobster pusher man) to 917-328-3611. Or if you speak Chinese, you can call 917-250-1305.