A Sneak Peek at the Bunker Club, Matt Abramcyk’s Beatrice Follow-Up


Matt Abramcyk still hasn’t fully opened the Bunker Club, his Beatrice follow-up underneath Ninth Avenue in the meatpacking district, but we had our first look at the underground lair last night at a party thrown by Bushmills. The décor is, simply put, Beatrice meets Keith McNally. The Bea part: a front area with a long bar facing low seating for groups and a raised back area with a D.J. booth overlooking a black-and-white tile dance floor. Oh, and the obligatory disco ball. The McNally part: exposed bricks à la Morandi, as well as fluorescent bulbs and tall dimpled glass doors that seem to have come directly from Pastis across the street. (Or maybe the proper point of reference is McNally’s onetime underground lair, Pravda?)

Since the Bunker Club is essentially one big room, it flows much better (and is much larger) than the Beatrice, and (another improvement) there’s more than just one bathroom (now that you ask: The stalls are all private, and guarded by an attendant — another McNally touch?). We hear one of the tabloids will be dropping the official word on this place soon, but in the meantime, have a look at our slideshow.