Tea Party Cronies Oppose Food Safety Bill; Oyster Farmers Struggle To Meet BP’s Compensation Deadline

• Tea Party affiliates have come forward as some of the staunchest opponents of the Food Safety Bill currently making its way through the legislature. Who knew their gastronomic expertise ranged beyond hot beverages? [Food Safety News]

• Organizers of Southern California’s largest turkey giveaway, held for its 24th year by Jackson Limousine, expect to hand out 10,000 turkeys this morning. [KABC]

• Oyster farmers on the Gulf Coast have discovered that filing for BP compensation is complicated and expensive — and the deadline is looming. [USAT]

• Despite Farmer John’s donation of 25,000 pounds of ham last week, Downtown’s Union Rescue Mission is concerned it won’t have enough food in a few weeks to meet the demand of serving 5,000 meals a day. [KABC]

• Happy Thanksgiving, stoners. Here’s a totally rad-sounding recipe for White Castle stuffing. [NYDN]

• Former Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks is coming out with a new CD today called Zen Food. [Examiner]

• Breaking: Vegetables are really, really good for you. [Healthland/Time]