So What Will the High Rollers Be Eating at Boulud’s Game Gala?

Dinner! Photo: Tim Graham/Getty Images

November 18 marks Daniel Boulud's annual wild-game dinner at his restaurant Daniel. A press release tells us this "legendary dinner began as a private affair inspired by friends of the chef, all game enthusiasts." But now it's open to the hoi polloi, and the proceeds for the event go to the Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation. As you might expect, it is not cheap! In fact, it's $1,000 per person. And good news for anyone who wants to drop a Grover on dinner: Tickets to the event can still be had by going here. (But looks like you're out of luck if you don't have an American Express card.) Click through to see the full menu watch out for buckshot!

Champagne Reception
Terrine of Pheasant with Fig, Wild Board Head Cheese, Wild Hare " la Royale," Wild Boar Ham "en Crote," Squab Ballotine with Chestnuts, Wild Duck Stuffed with Morels and Apricots, Pat Chaud de Grousse et Genivre, Wild Duck and Wood Pigeon Checkerboard

Soup de Perdrix Rouge en Crote
Red Legged Partridge and Savoy Cabbage Soup with Puff Pastry Dome
Chef Jean-Franois Bruel

Salade Tide de Canard Sauvage
Warm Wild Duck Salad with Porcini, Dates and Arugula
Chef Gavin Kaysen

Raviole de Livre la Chtaigne
Scottish Wild Hare Ravioli with Chestnuts and Celery
Chef Gregory Stawowy

Selle de Chevreuil Farcie et Sauce Grand Veneur
Stuffed Millibrook Venison Saddle with Fall Root Vegetables
Chef Eddy Leroux & Chef Pierre Morat

Pomme Confit au Caramel, Sabl la Canelle, Sorbet au Cidre Bouch
Honey Crisp Apple Confit with Cinnamon Sabl, Sparkling Apple Cider Sorbet
Chef Dominique Ansel

Daniel Fall Game Feast
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