SLA Denies Dumping Xiao Ye’s Four Loko in Raid


If the primer on starter booze in this week’s issue of New York, or news that Four Loko is soon to be unavailable here, has you determined to finally try the stuff, don’t bother going to Xiao Ye. Owner Eddie Huang had originally planned an unlimited Four Loko deal, but when he got word that all-you-can-drink deals are illegal, he decided to simply sell the alcoholic energy drink for $3 a pop. According to Huang’s blog, that didn’t stop the SLA and NYPD from paying an unexpected visit on Friday night: “We followed the law, we were in line with the SLA requirements,” Huang writes. “But basically, it was understood that if we kept selling four loko, we would be seeing a lot of raids.” He continues: “All four loko in the house was destroyed on site, it was taken off the menu, and four loko thursdays is cancelled.” Sounds like the task force took some extreme measures — except the SLA tells us it wasn’t the one who destroyed the Four Loko.

“In terms of us dumping or taking product,” says spokesperson William Crowley, “we don’t do that. We used to, back in the day, have an evidence locker, but we wouldn’t even take that stuff because Four Loko is legal to sell at this point.” Crowley wouldn’t say why Xiao Ye, specifically, was targeted for a visit, or what if anything it was charged with, but told us, “If you tell the Daily News you’re going to have an open bar or say you’re going to cause patrons to black out, that’s something we’d look at.” He says that even if Huang wasn’t doing an unlimited drink deal, serving alcohol to someone who’s visibly intoxicated is one of the worst violations of liquor law. True, but as College Humor points out, drinking Four Loko is cheaper than having a hobo stab you in the stomach.

Goodnight Four Loko Thursdays… [Fresh Off the Boat]