‘Satan’s Piss,’ and 49 Other Things Four Loko Tastes Like


This weekend on Saturday Night Lives "Weekend Update," Bobby Moynihan busted out his Guy Fieri impression and, even better, Jason Sudeikis came on as Four Loko creator Chris Hunter. It tastes like Satans piss, he said of his own product, and it wasnt the first time the stuff has been compared to piss (whether it be cat piss, rat piss, horse piss, Thors piss, or Gremlin piss). Here are the most colorful results we got when we Googled Four Loko + tastes like. Add your own in the comments.

Its like Robitussin mixed with cheap vodka thats been filtered through a cheese cloth made of woven hatred. Holy Taco

I can only imagine that these cans are filled by a long assembly line of Smurfs vomiting. One Foot Tsunami

Four Loko tastes more like a vile concoction that some sadistic, drug-addled chemist created while locked up in his underground laboratory equipped with too much battery acid and not enough soda. MN Daily

This tastes like cleaning product and Jolly Rancher. Awl

It just tastes like a can of Hawaiian Punch that somebody buried in the yard for several years. Guyism

It tasted like Ecto Cooler that had been brewed in Amy Winehouses p*ssy. Guyism

You know what this drink tastes like? Have you ever put jeans in your mouth? I don't think I can think of something that tastes worse than this. Maybe a dog vomiting directly into my mouth Gizmodo

Tastes like sugary nail-polish remover Houston Press

Tastes like Jolly Ranchers baked into rye bread and are 12% alcohol. Street Boners

It tastes like the backside of a bat It tastes like rancid Tang. Bartender at West Palm Beach Bar.

It tastes like fruit punch and gasoline as filtered through a colostomy bag. Porland Monthly commenter

It tastes like a Welchs Grape Soda thats been sitting in my trunk fermenting for 10 years. Fisted commenter

This stuff tastes like Kool-aid mixed with acetone. Fresh Off the Boat commenter

It tastes like a Jolly Rancher with Robitussin. Eddie Huang

Tastes like the under side of an angel's ball sack. Cracked

Four Loko tastes like battery acid in a can. College Candy

Tastes like gold flakes. Chocolate City

It taste like licking the cat piss off a rusty metal surface. Serious Eats commenter

"It tastes like sucking on a Sour Patch Kid with a roofie in the middle of it." SLOG

Tastes like watermelon Bubblicious gum. With the wrapper. In a blender. And some cocaine. With levamisole. SLOG

It tasted like prison wine made from Fruity Pebbles The Desert Lamp

Tastes like Gremlin piss mixed with anti-freeze and battery acid. Booze Party

Tastes like sucking watered down Robitussin through a used coffee filter. Somerville Blog

Imagine a can full of Thor's piss after the Norse god has just chugged some Dimetapp. Seattle Weekly

Tastes like rejection and morning-after regret West Word

Tastes like a hobo puked in a box of Trix. Drew Kaufman

Like a Jolly Rancher that should attend 12-step meetings, one sip of this puts you in the shoes of someone who regularly drinks Lysol. Fork in the Road

Tastes like rat piss BroBile

It tastes like runoff from a wet dog that has been shampooed with urine and tanning oil. Drink to Blog

Tastes like poverty. Mog Music Network

It tastes like Pixy Stix and electrified bathwater. Daily Northwestern

Tastes like bad decisions and awesomeness. Oh Hell Nawl

It tastes like candy that was left in a dirty gutter full of crackhead pee. Coachella

Tastes like day-glow watermelon ass Oregon Commentator

It tastes like raspberries that have been sitting in the sun for 3 years, mixed with everclear and piss. MySpace

Tastes like what normal malt liquor might taste like immediately after brushing your teeth. Awl

Tastes like if Monster and vodka had sex then an abortion it would be four loko. BroBible

Tastes like rusty stomach cancer. Rap Music

"it just tastes like all the shit people pour into the bowl for Captain Dickhead." Adam Lucidi

Four Loko tastes like a King Cobra raped by a pack of Sweet Tarts. DannyFordIsGods Twitter

Tastes like drinking watermelon-flavored paint thinner Seattle Weekly

It's like flavored blunt wraps, but alcohol! Xiao Ye party attendee

Reminiscent of lemon rinds rubbed in aluminum with a strong aftertaste of vomit. Food/Atlantic

Like drinkin medical grade cleaning alcohol with a hint of watermellon. The Diesel Garage

It was like chugging whiskey from the bottle while eating the world's biggest wad of Big League Chew and then immediately doing a key bump of cocaine. Friend of Grub Street

It tastes like a hangover going down. Pitch

If tastes like a huge piece of Hubba Bubba that Jackie Gleason has just spit into your mouth Seattle Weekly

The taste is like if someone took about five of the Crystal Lite individual lemonade packets and dumped them into a can of concentrated Steel Reserve. Tippman

It tastes something like fruity rat poison. Wall Street Oasis

Tastes something like artificial fruit, NFL Jerseys, and downing a can Decorative fruit. Qingdao Orient Enterprise