Ruby’s Digs Nails Into Boardwalk, Opens Past Move-Out Date

Photo: Jim Kiernan

After being told by Central Amusement International to vacate on November 15, the Coney Island Eight got a letter from the landlord’s lawyer giving them until tomorrow, November 19, but Ruby’s (or “Rubies,” as it was apparently misspelled in the letter) ain’t going anywhere. In fact, a Facebook update indicates the bar will be open (yet again) this Saturday.

Attorney Marc Aronson tells us, “All the landlord can do is bring them to court — they can’t simply go in and change the locks.” Aronson says he hasn’t filed suit and hasn’t had any discussions with Zamperla/CAI, but will fight the case they could be bringing next week: “We’ll be fighting this in the commercial landlord-tenant court and supreme court if necessary.” But is he just buying more time during the off-season, or is there a chance these businesses will actually be open next year? “If you’re asking my opinion as to whether they’ll be open next year,” Aronson says, “I think they’ll be open.” Knock on wood (not concrete).