Queens’ Jackson Diner Expands to Manhattan; Manhattan’s Tawa Tandoor Expands to Queens


A couple of Indian establishments, one of them a classic, are venturing into new boroughs. The most exciting news first: The 28-year-old legend, Jackson Diner, has just put up signage at 72 University Place, where Café Spice used to be. Owner Manjit Singh applied for a liquor license a couple of days ago and tells us he’ll be ready to open (with a menu mirroring the Jackson Heights original’s) in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, across from the original Jackson Diner, Tawa Tandoor, a Manhattan restaurant that opened its first location in Chelsea late last year, has unveiled an impressive illuminated marquee at 37–56 74th Street (right around the corner from the old Eagle Theater’s sadly disused marquee). “The ultimate place for curry”? Way to make a quiet entrance, guys.