Providence To Be Targeted By Animal Protection & Rescue League Tonight

Foie: Do you love to hate it or hate to love it?
Foie: Do you love to hate it or hate to love it? Photo: Mads Boedker via Flickr

You might think $150 would buy you a little peace while you eat, but it’s that little piece of liver that could turn din din into quite a din tonight, complete with banners depicting the force-feeding of geese to whet appetites. Providence is the latest restaurant to grace the hit-lit of animal rights activists as it prepares to hold a dinner this evening where L.A. chefs will riff on the dishes of Paul Bocuse, all in support of the U.S. team heading to Bocuse d’Or. L.A. Times reports that Animal Protection & Rescue League is pissed off over the menu’s foie gras-stuffed duck and will lead a march of about 50 around the restaurant to bring attention to their cause. Who, do they hope, will take note of their actions?

Although Thomas Keller won’t be cooking tonight alongside Cimarusti, Manzke, Alain Giraud, Tony Esnault, and Josiah Citrin, the protesters hope he’ll take notice as part of its ongoing campaign to make him join Wolfgang Puck and Charlie Trotter in jettisoning foie from his menu. So far, the restaurant says it won’t be ditching the dish, arguing that “Foie gras has been on menus for hundreds of years.” Think that line of defense would have worked at The Hump?

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