What to Eat on Mile End’s New Dinner Menu

Don't worry, this isn't going anywhere.
Don’t worry, this isn’t going anywhere. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Since Mile End opened last January, the diminutive deli has seduced New York with its superlative smoked meat and Montreal-flavored moxie. But man cannot live on deli sandwiches alone — or so believes owner Noah Bernamoff. Next week, he launches a brand-new dinner menu, the handiwork of chef Aaron Israel, whose last gig was sous-chef at Torrisi Italian Specialties. Inspired by what Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone have done for Italian-American cuisine, Israel intends to do the same for American-Jewish: breathe new life into traditional dishes with elevated technique and a fresh approach. Israel has been running new dishes like veal-tongue polonaise, chopped liver with a house-baked pletzel, and schmaltzed radish salad as specials over the last couple of weeks, and will make his new menu official after the holiday weekend. Of course, the signature smoked meat isn’t going anywhere: “I’d have people lined up with torches and pitchforks,” says Bernamoff, who considers the Mile End kitchen “fully inspired by the Ashkenazi immigrant experience of the Lower East Side in the early twentieth century.”

Mile End Dinner Menu [PDF]