Platt on Kin Shop and Bar Basque; Do Restaurant Health Grades Matter?

Kin Shop.
Kin Shop. Photo: Danny Kim

Adam Platt drops a twofer in this week’s New York, stopping first into Harold Dieterle’s Thai venture, Kin Shop, where our critic enjoys “a proper curry-fueled feast that promotes a sense of well-being and general bonhomie.” Next up is Bar Basque, where restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow’s “fondness for Disney-style grandeur and theatrical display” is apparent in the futuristic décor; however, the “tightly focused” and “surprisingly well-executed” Spanish menu makes up for that. Both spots earn two stars.

Meanwhile, the Robs check in with chef Sara Jenkins, who talks about her upcoming pasta restaurant, Porsena, her childhood in Italy, and the enduring popularity of Italian food. The duo also chronicles this week’s expected openings, including Edi & the Wolf, the downtown place from Seasonal co-chefs Eduard Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban. Grub Street’s own Daniel Maurer pens a think piece on the meaning (or lack thereof) of restaurant health grades. And if a purple salad sounds like the cure for creeping winter blues, here’s how to make one with redbor kale.