Platt Digs In at Osteria Morini; All About Edible Deliveries

Osteria Morini.
Osteria Morini. Photo: Danny Kim

In New York this week, Adam Platt visits Michael White’s first downtown effort, Osteria Morini, and for the most part applauds the chef’s return to “accessible, unadorned, carefully rusticated Italian cooking.” He praises the starters and finds the pastas “generally impeccable,” but laments the “leaden, slightly anticlimactic feel” of many entrées.

Meanwhile, the Robs have the lowdown on TaïmMobile, the long-anticipated food truck from the owners of the popular West Village falafel joint. From steak and lobster to groceries, everything you need to know about edible deliveries can be found in our handy guide. And if you’ve ever wondered what do with a Bosc pear, the answer is, very little, as François Payard’s simple brown-butter preparation shows.