Peter Meehan Takes a Stand Against Grass-holes

A grassfed burger. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Cookbook author and former $25 and Under critic Peter Meehan is the latest to pen an anti-foodie thought piece for T — or rather, three vignettes about “eating in New York in 2010.” There’s the butcher who makes a customer feel like a dolt for not knowing the word “hogget” (a sheep that’s older than a lamb but not quite mutton-age), the barista who condescendingly tells a man “you should really try that coffee without milk,” and the chef who shames Meehan for buying beef that’s “super grain-fed.” Meehan’s parting thoughts about these snobs?

A grassfed burger. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Is all this righteousness going in the right direction? Or will the snake eventually eat its own tail? What originally drew me to so many of these better-practice/better-flavor foodstuffs was the joy, the passion behind them. What I’m worried about is that as the food thing gets trendier and trendier, at some point the know-it-alls will scare off the casually interested. Maybe even their fellow foot soldiers. Is that sustainable?

All very reasonable questions from Meehan, but where’s the obligatory coinage — foodiots, foochebags, etc.? We’ll go ahead and call the chef who insisted on grassfed beef a total grass-hole.

Grass Fed | A Few Beefs [T Magazine]