Osteria Morini’s Bouncer; Wendy’s Tries to Convince People Its Fries Are ‘Natural’

• Nice restaurants like Morini and the Lion are employing bouncers to keep out both the riff-raff and underage drinkers. [NYP]

• Wendy’s is introducing new fries topped with sea salt because “people associate it with good, natural things,” according to a rep. [USAT]

• The Journal concludes that Japanese chefs in America pretty much refuse to use our water, preferring instead to import bottles from the Land of the Rising Sun. [Japan Real Time/WSJ]

• Is there anything that isn’t better after it’s barbecued? John T. Edge explores the world of smoked turkeys. [NYT]

• A food-safety advocate in China was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for “inciting social disorder.” [AP]