New Lizard Species Is Vietnam’s Plat du Jour; S.F.’s Happy Meal Drama

A new species of lizard has been identified after scientists saw it on restaurant menus in Vietnam. [Independent UKJ+]

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom will veto the city's move to ban most Happy Meals. [CNN]

At high-end restaurants in Asia, butter is the hot new condiment. [Scene Asia/WSJ]

More family drama for Gordon Ramsay: His father-in-law is suing him for 2 million pounds after the famously hot-tempered chef fired him as CEO of Gordon Ramsay Holdings last month. [Daily Mail UK]

On the plus side, Gordo will be opening his first restaurant in Canada [Toronto Star]

The New England Confectionary Co., the 163-year-old company that makes NECCO wafers and those Valentine's Day conversation hearts, is looking for a buyer. [USAT]