Naomichi Yasuda Is Leaving for Japan

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Sushi Yasuda will soon be without its master, according to reports on Chowhound and Mouthfuls that Eater has confirmed. Naomichi Yasuda will still be a partner, but is leaving to Japan in a few weeks (presumably before the restaurant takes its holiday break from December 25 till January 10) to open an eight-seat sushi bar. Of course, theres hardly anything unusual about an absentee chef at a restaurant thats a decade old, and Frank Bruni found himself in capable hands when he was served by one of Yasudas underlings a couple of years ago, but some will surely balk at paying Sushi Yasudas prices without the famously exacting chef behind the counter (the restaurants webpage touts the fact that Yasuda custom prepares each piece of sushi according to a customers tastes, energy levels, and moods). If no one else, Daniel Boulud will be bummed.

Chef Yasuda Leaving New York to Open Restaurant in Japan [Eater NY]